My Toronto Vegan Food and Drink Festival Bucket List

The Toronto Vegan Food and Drink Festival is coming up on Saturday, August 19th at Fort York and I’m so excited! This is my opportunity to try food from restaurants and street vendors that have been on my ‘bucket list’ and maybe even, explore new foods to add to my repertoire. I’ve been doing research on all the vendors that will be in attendance and here are my ‘must see’ picks:


Doomie's Vegan Big Mac
Photo c/o Foodora Canada

I’m actually surprised I’ve never been to this restaurant; it has been on my ‘must-try’ list forever (basically since they opened). I have heard so many amazing things about it. I follow them on Instagram to review their menu. I’m excited to finally give them a try at the Festival; but I must make my way to their hip and cool restaurant soon.

The most talked about food item is their Vegan Big Mac. Seriously, how good does it look?  I’m skeptical if it’s really vegan because it looks too much like the real deal!

Cinnister Vegan

Cinnister Vegan cinnamon buns
Photo c/o Cinnister Vegan

I have been obsessed with cinnamon buns ever since my mom started baking them. I was exploring Instagram one day when I cam across Cinnister Vegan and let me tell you, their vegan cinnamon buns look decadent! Their name is on the festival vendor list and I am finally going to have my chance to sample their buns.

Bald Baker

Bald Baker's Grain Free Granola Bars
Photo c/o Bald Baker

The Bald Baker is a sugar conscious dessert company that offers delicious, worry-free treats. I saw the booth at a farmers market a couple weeks ago but never got around to trying out their stuff. A friend of mine told me that the Grain-free granola bars were really good, as well as healthy.  I must give them a try.

After eating a Big Mac from Doomie’s, I will need all the healthy snacks I can get!

Rescue Dogs

Rescue Dog Vegan hotdog
Photo c/o Too Bad You’re Not Vegan

I have seen these vegan ‘hotdogs’ on the shelf at my local organic food store.  I’ve been tempted to buy a package but couldn’t justify the purchase if there was a chance they didn’t taste good. Once I saw their name on the food vendor list, I got excited. Street meat I can finally enjoy! (I just hope they taste as good as they look).

Are you planning on attending the Toronto Vegan Food and Drink Fest? Please let me know in the comments which vendors you’re most excited to try!